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UKSM 0.1.2 is released

07.26.2012, news, UKSM, UKSM新特性, by .

This a stable release. The new features since 0.1.1.x include:

  • Controllable max CPU consumption. Now UKSM has max CPU consumption governors: full, medium, low, quiet. With advanced scan pattern interfaces, we expect UKSM can adapt to a wide range of situations, including the mobile device.
  • Consistent CPU usage pattern in all platforms. You will never see UKSM take more CPU percentage in slow platforms.
  • Core algorithm is refined resulting in even faster scan/merge speed. And UKSM now can properly handle memory areas with size ranging from 1page ~ nGB.

Now you can download the 0.1.2 patch for all recent stable vanilla kernels in our download section. The distribution sources(fedora, ubuntu, debian) will follow in every soon.

3 Responses to UKSM 0.1.2 is released

  1. 根据git记载,在这个版本发布后,UKSM的开发工作就停止了,是有何变故,还是这几个月一直在研究Xen Dedup? UKSM有支持Linux 3.6的计划吗?

    • 2012-10-05 at 15:00 xianai

      0.1.2以后目前正处在维护状态,接受bug汇报,很快会有这样一个修正版本出来.由于我发现大部分人都是直接下载补丁,所以本地的git估计不会常常更新.另外,我们的代码在 geakit.com也有托管,估计将来会主要放在那边.


      • 大部分人直接下载补丁是因为没找到 git repo 吧……至少我是这样的……

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